Meaning of “Oblin” Plural “Oblinko”

The Oblinko are held to be ancint creatures who earned respect by being regarded as “Trustees & Guardians of the Forest, Jungle and Woodlands”. It is said that fellow creatures who had chosen to make their homes in such places eventually democratically entrusted this massive responsibility to the Oblinko. For millennia, now, the Oblinko (they are long lived) and their descendants have so passionately devoted themselves to the ongoing trust placed in them, that it has earned them an almost sacred respect from many forms of life. They are able to call for help at a moments notice, should it be required, upon the resources of vast armies.

The true form of the Oblinko is unknown to humans however it is said they can be likened to shape shifting chameleons who, with maturity of time, acquire the ability to adopt any chosen form - a tool they skilfully use in fulfilment of their title and role.

Long ago Humans and the Oblinko had an agreement that trees could be harvested as long as they were replaced but many humans have chosen to ignore this promise by destroying millions of acres of forest and jungle without replacing it.

Recently it has been said that some anonymous humans have sworn allegiance to honour the ancient agreement, treaty and code in full, furthermore unanimously agreeing to do everything within their power to regain the full mutual trust and respect of the Oblinko.

One day perhaps, who knows, we will be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them once again but one thing is certain, it will be a very long time before they trust mankind sufficiently to show their natural forms again.

Having discovered some questionable information regarding this curious mythical entity I am very keen to learn more so please feel free to make contact.